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Essence of Self

Counselling & Wellness Services


Hello and Welcome.


Essence of Self is a Counselling and Wellness Company offering therapeutic services for the purpose of healing and self-growth founded by Nikkol Adams, a registered clinical counsellor and yoga instructor. She has a deep passion for the mind and body connection – helping individuals understand their emotional and physical experience through the use of therapy and yoga.


Essence of Self Approach 



I believe understanding your human experience is the path towards healing. When we become more self-reflective towards our physical and emotional well-being, and learn how to reveal our self-expression, we are more capable of creating change in our life. 

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Your true nature is the essence of your being. It is your human experiences that forms your identity. Becoming your authentic self is to rediscover the virtues that are most important to you – the beliefs that you have acquired throughout your lifespan. Your essence has always been with you but at times, challenging to uncover. Begin noticing your essence to allow your authentic self to be seen.

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The sense of who you are defines the self. It is the formation of your identity that consists of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. It is the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Becoming aware and attuned to yourself starts with consciously noticing your innate virtues – your essence. Coming to understand ourselves better reveals the opportunity for our unique and authentic self to be expressed.


Therapeutic Services


There are times when life challenges become too much to manage on your own and talking with a counsellor can be beneficial for creating positive change and building resilience. My interest support children, youth, and adults.