Essence of Self uses social media as a platform to help people become more educated, aware, and engaged with their mental health and well-being. The information shared comes primarily from current research and literature within the field of psychology.

Please note that the use of social media is not intended to be a substitute for the benefits therapy and counselling offer. This information is provided with the intent to increase the availability of mental health resources and knowledge to individuals seeking to improve their well-being and may not be able to afford one-on-one counselling session at this time. Reading information online can help you further understand your situation and present concerns but I encourage you to filter information through your own worldview. Please keep in mind that what works for you may not work for others and vice versa. It is not always possible to provide all details in one post therefore it is okay to question or disagree with any writing provided. Not every post will resonate with you. It is okay to take what you need and leave the rest.


As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), my professional association (BCACC), requires that I have a social media policy. This policy delineates how I conduct myself on the internet as mental health profession and how you can expect me to respond in interaction that occur between us through social media. You have a choice as to what you reveal about yourself online. Please remember social media is a public forum.  Conversational interactions have their limits to confidentiality as comments and posts can be viewed by others. It is my role to keep our relationship completely confidential. If you would like to book a session please email me at to protect your privacy. My public engagements needs to end at the invitation to private connections.

I will not accept friend requests from current or former clients on any social networking sites. Friending may blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. If you need to contact me between session, the best way to do so is either by phone or email.
I have no expectation that you as a client will follow my business social media accounts. You may choose whether to use your discretion in choosing whether you want to follow me, and please note I will not follow you back due to my ethical code of conduct.
I do not google my clients or look up information for any reason. Extremely rare exceptions may be made during times of crisis. If I have a reason to suspect that you are in danger and you have not been in touch with me via your usual means (coming to appointments or phone contact) there might be an instance in which using a search engine (to find you, find someone close to you, or to check on your recent status updates) becomes necessary as part of ensuring your welfare. These are very unusual situations and if I ever resort to such means, I will fully document it and discuss it with you at our next meeting.